TV above fire: Yes or no?

18 days ago
last modified: 17 days ago

Hello, we've recently moved into our new home and looking for advice / guidance on whether the TV could go above the open fire? Please see pictures below.

We were thinking about potentially putting the couch that is currently facing the TV, on the wall the TV is currently on, then putting the TV above the fireplace, and perhaps a couple of small arm chairs to the right of the fireplace just to keep the living area 'separate'. I feel like this could open the room up a lot more, but very open to suggestions. Our biggest worry is the TV being too high? We'd be open to putting a mantel or something in the middle to help with the heat. We'd probably only use the fireplace for about 3 months of the year.

Thanks in advance for any advice / tips you may have.


View to outside - if you were sitting where the TV currently is :)

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