Help with a floor plan for a quirky master suite

Rachel McWha
11 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

Hi everyone. We have 2 bedroom, 90s build on an inner city, very narrow, terrace block which has resulted in some interesting design decisions such as a 10m long home office on the top floor and very little usable storage. We were planning to update our bathroom, but during lockdown this idea has snowballed into trying to convert part of the office space into a walk in robe and second bathroom. My idea is to turn the existing bathroom into an ensuite, and add a second shower room with a skylight as the "main" bathroom.

Obviously a big part of the issues with our house is theres not really room for hallways, so this is the best floorplan I could come up with, but would love any advice or ideas.

Im happy to pay to consult a professional but don't even know who the best person to approach is. An interior designer? A draughtsperson?

The first image is whats currently there and the second is the best idea I could come up with, which makes the bedroom slightly smaller but still allows for a usable home office space. Im also aware that I dont want too small a wardrobe space or we are essentially spending a lot of money for not much advantage. The second bathroom would mostly be for guests and for resale value rather than us really needing one. Ive talked to plumbers who cut a hole in our downstairs ceiling and there is apparently plenty of space to run pipes beneath the floor.

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