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Bathroom layout advice - what needs to shrink, what needs to grow

14 days ago

Hi team,

I am once again seeking advice from this great community.

The next project in the renovation of my 50s home is the bathroom which hasnt seen any love since the 70s

I think I am pretty close to a general layout (pictured below) but with only the bath of a fixed size hoping to get some advice on how to share the remaining space amongst the other elements arranged along the right-hand side wall

  • The bath I'm looking at is 800mm wide:
  • The walk in shower is 900mm, from my research, this seems reasonably generous so could be reduced
  • The vanity is 700mm
  • The toilet space is 700mm which might be a little tight?

Interested to hear your thoughts on how you would use this space

Many thanks in advance

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