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Pantry shelving?

I am having a dilemma over shelving for my butler's pantry. I love coated wire because crumbs etc. fall through and nasties can't live on the shelves. But it really doesn't look great. I have previously used Omar shelving from Ikea. It's inexpensive and durable. But there are far more visually attractive options.



The shelves will go on the left wall of the pantry, so behind the kitchen and obscured from view from everywhere except when in the pantry or entering from the laundry/garage. I do like the idea of some of the storage area being behind doors (definitely NOT glass!) but mostly I find open shelves - around 300-350mm deep - easier to manage.

Do looks matter in this situation? What are the pros and cons of the various options? Or are there better options I haven't considered?

I am thinking of using the same shelving on the left wall of the laundry (which backs onto the right wall of the pantry. I will be storing fabrics and sewing notions there in zipped soft plastic cubes from Ikea and I would prefer a lot of the items to be visible.

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