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What are the rules for private balustrade LENGTH in NSW?

5 months ago

I am trying to find out the rules are about the LENGTH of a balustrade for my staircase. I am aware of the basic rules (i.e. need balustrade if 1m or higher, no more than 125mm gaps, etc. as per pic below).

The question I can't find an answer for is required the LENGTH of the balustrade. I want the balustrade to end on the 2nd tread from the bottom, leaving the last tread free of any obstacles. My fabricator actually suggested this, but I am not convinced he knows the rules :-)

I have seen rules for public balustrade installations who apparently require the balustrade/handrail to go even past the last tread. My staircase is private and this rule is not applicable.

Can anyone point me to a definitive reference source to answer this question?

Much appreciated, thanks Chris.

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