Dual-living proposed extension – what do you think of this plan?

3 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I want to extend my two bed post war house into a three bed, two bath, two living zone house that could function with a self contained unit (highlighted yellow) to help pay down the mortgage for the initially. Currently I have a proposed L-shape lounge/dining and adjoining deck but this does not allow enough noise privacy between residences IMO. If I place the deck to the side of the dining room with a flyover cool dec roof and louvre windows on the dining room and privacy screens on the new living room...I am unsure what to do with the pink area previously the proposed deck. I could keep the roof over it and pave underneath or remove the roof and do plantings. Having the roof remain gives options into the future without requiring further planning permission - just depends on costs. Images attached of 1. Existing 2. Proposed-current 3. Proposed -alternative. The site is slightly sloping down toward the carport and grassed driveway. Any suggestions/feedback greatly appreciated.

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