Is there an Aust Standard for the threshold from bathroom to hallway?

January 12, 2019


We have recently had our bathroom renovated and we now have a step from our hallway into our bathroom that is 6.5cm high.

Just wondering if there was an Aust standard that states that this is OK as we are all tripping on this step everytime we go to the bathroom (I know we will get use to it eventually, but I just want to make sure it is legal)

thanks in advance

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    Edwards Renovations Pty Ltd

    Hi There,


    In cases where a step cannot be avoided we ramp up in to the step to minimise the trip hazard. It would suggest in the below information that the minimum step size is 130 mm not 65 cm

    The Australian Standard contains detailed advice on steps, stairs, landings, guard rails and so on: ... all rises (R) and all goings (G), in the same flight ofstairs, shall be of uniform dimensions within a tolerance of +/-5mm. for each rise: minimum 130mm, maximum 225mm. for each going: minimum 215mm, maximum 355mm