Plantation Shutters - should they all be the same colour?

Gwen Roberts
June 23, 2019

We plan to install white plantation shutters in all the rooms on the front elevation of the house.

However, the study would look better with a wooden shutter as it has a slightly more masculine feel to it.

The house takes a slight bend which means the study window isn't level with the rest of the rooms which will have white shutters and there won't be any other windows next to the study either.

So I'm wondering if I could get away with a wooden shutter for the study or should I keep them all white.

I'm thinking if it's not adjacent to the others it might work, but I'm nervous about it and I need some opinions on this.

A photo would be helpful, I know, but unfortunately I don't have one at this precise moment. Apologies.

Comments (4)

  • siriuskey

    Difficult without photos, but for me I would go with all white, the study can still be masculine with painted wall colour and fittings to make a statement.

  • PRO
    Paul Di Stefano Design

    can't go wrong with consistency - sometimes you can overthink these things - go all white

  • Creativelychallenged

    alternatively, you could possibly go for a different colour inside if it looked consistent on the same side of house externally

  • PRO
    Meta Blinds

    Hi Gwen, I would keep the shutters facing the front of the house looking the same. It would look weird if there was one window at the front that had a different coloured window.