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Finding the right art for your living room or bedroom is as challenging as it is rewarding – but part of its charm lies in the hunt. Art can add colour, style and visual interest to your home; it can show off your personality, ignite happiness, and leave a lasting impression on guests. But with a myriad of options available, including canvas prints, paintings, posters, framed wall art and sculptures, finding your perfect piece of art can be a tough task. Here’s a quick look at some points to consider when shopping for art online.

Decide on size and orientation.

Decide where your artwork will sit, then measure out the width and height of the wall, taking into consideration what is already hanging. Unless you’re hanging a collection of artworks, one piece should take up around two-thirds of the available wall space. If you’re working within a tall, narrow space, portrait-oriented artworks are best, while landscape-oriented artworks suit horizontal walls, such as those above the couch. Many canvas prints, posters and framed wall art come in a variety of sizes and orientations, so if you see something that doesn’t fit your dimensions, ask the supplier if they stock or could order in alternatives before giving up hope.

Explore your options.

While some people wait for art to find them, others need art to fill a boring wall, stat. Narrow down your selection by deciding on a theme or style – this could range from surreal to impressionist, and could include all range of subjects, such as flowers and plants, cityscapes, and people. Your choice of art should reflect the style of your home and decor, so if you have a traditional scheme, choose muted paintings, fine art prints, and ornate sculptures. For a contemporary look, consider abstract art, illustrations, mixed media, and metal or glass sculptures. Photographic prints will work well in most schemes, depending on the subject matter, and can often be bought framed.

Seek an emotional reaction.

Having an emotional response is one of the fundamental purposes of art. However, not all art is created equal – some leave a lasting affect on you, long after your viewing, while others are easily overlooked or quickly forgotten. While searching for art online, bypass anything that doesn’t make you feel something. Aboriginal artwork, for instance, might spark fond memories of your trip to Uluru; a starry sky on canvas could put your nerves at ease; or a pop art print might make you laugh. Whatever it is that sparks emotion, consider it a tangible way to get your heart and personality up on the walls of your home.