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As you look toward a renovation or simply a redecoration, it helps to browse as many household products online as possible. Explore, share and save your favourite products, all from and within your own area. However, the challenges in finding the best items for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, can consume valuable hours — this is where the right professionals can save you a fortune. Hire an interior designer or home stylist through our directory and save yourself the trouble!

When you have chosen your desired style of interior design, it's wise to begin browsing for the biggest furniture items first. Start with seating or bedding — the bed, sofa or dinging table will take up the most space and all other items must work with it — then work your way down to armchairs and wardrobes, dining chairs and coffee tables. (If there are any rooms you do not yet know the colour scheme or dimensions of, leave those rooms until last.)

Lastly, choose accessories and light fixtures to adorn the area. This is a great chance to add your flare in the form of cushions, lampshades, or even colourful kitchen appliances.